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Wendy Maisey OBE


Wendy has lived in the Warrington area for 30 years now and she has made it home for herself and her family.  All three of her daughters have been raised there and she is very proud to be part of the great local community.  She loves the community spirit of the villages and enjoys the various events and carnivals throughout the year which showcase them at their best. Warrington Town Centre was her first choice for setting up her IT business 22 years ago.


Wendy is a Founder Director and owner of a niche I.T. company within the Banking Services Industry.  She has grown the business from two people to over 40 full time staff, employing people from in and around the Warrington area. She has played a key role in the the success of the company receiving four Queen's Awards. Wendy is proud of the Apprenticeship Scheme that she implemented which has given the local youngsters great opportunities over the years. Wendy is a great problem solver and a great communicator. She is well connected and respected by other business leaders and work tirelessly to bring wealth, create employment and raise the profile on the National and International stage of her great town. 


Wendy is a keen walker and a member of the RSPB. She participates in ‘clean up’ weekends with them in different locations though out the North West. At home, Wendy enjoys nurturing the wildlife by creating breeding and habitat boxes for a variety of birds and mammals who have chosen her garden as home. She is also a Member of the National Trust and Historic Palaces, enjoys the gardens, and above all enjoys learning about the architecture and history of these buildings. Relaxation is a spa day with one of her daughters. Favourite read, politics aside, is Greek Mythology, but still has much to learn about this topic!


Wendy's political highlights


MAY 2018

Despite only being an approved candidate for less than 4 weeks, Wendy was selected and stood as Conservative MEP Candidate in the European Elections, North West region.

MAY 2019

Wendy was appointed Deputy Chair Membership, Warrington Conservative Federation and is the Federation's Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO) officer. She is also Co-Founder of a woman's group ‘Women Inspiring Women’, a group set up to inspire women into public life.


 Wendy was the Warrington Conservative Federation Team Captain and coordinator for the ‘Back Boris’ Conservative Leadership campaign. She was also appointed Vice Chair of Membership of Warrington Conservative Federation Executive Board.


Why did Wendy enter politics?

Born in one of the most deprived areas on a sprawling council estate in Liverpool, Wendy has had to work hard to achieve where she is today.  Her parents were both ex-forces personnel who were a fantastic role model and incredibly hardworking. She was taught Conservative values from an early age, with the principal of ‘Hand up, not hand out’.

Wendy’s first experience with politics was supporting her father campaigning door to door when she was barely a teenager. He would stand for the Conservatives in difficult wards in Liverpool during the Derek Hatton days when a once great city was brought to its knees by militants. These were perhaps the first instances where Wendy learnt her debating and persuasive skills whilst always showing courtesy to others.

A few years ago, just after the European referendum and with her vast wealth of knowledge of business and International Trade, and her daughter’s now independent young women, Wendy decided it was time  to become more involved in the Party. It was natural for her to select the Warrington Federation given her business is based there and she lives in the Warrington area. Since then, her Political career has moved swiftly and is proud of her achievements.

Wendy attends CWO training and networking days and events to increase knowledge for professional development within the political landscape. She has also attended APPG (All Party Parliamentary Groups) for Business and International Trade at The House of Commons.


Wendy was elected as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Warrington North in the December General Election.


An extremely significant achievement when Wendy stood as Parliamentary Candidate in the General Election, massively reducing Labour's majority of nearly 10,000 to 1,500 taking Warrington North from a safe Labour seat to a marginal seat for the 2024 Election.  


Wendy was elected to Cheshire & Wirral Conservatives Area Management Team. Additionally, Wendy became Deputy Chair Political of Warrington Conservative Federation.

MARCH 2020

History was made when Wendy was elected the first female Chair of Warrington Conservative Federation, her remarkable success in the General Election being deservedly recognised. Wendy was also appointed Deputy Chair Political at the Cheshire & Wirral Conservative Women's Organisation (CWO). 

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