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Wendy's pledge to save Peel Hall

I understand why residents are so passionate about keeping the last large green space in Warrington North. I have lived, worked and brought my daughters up in the Warrington and Lowton area for the past 30 years. I have driven past Peel Hall site on my way to work daily for 23 past years and know the passion felt by residents. A grasp of the situation cannot be reached by any Candidate coming in from London in a 4 week general election period, I have a stake in Warrington and will fight hard on your behalf.

I’m doing this already in other areas in Warrington North and have been doing so for some time. If you select me as your next MP I will continue the fight for Peel Hall. Should the Conservatives secure a majority Government I will have access to the appropriate Ministers and will champion this cause down in Westminster.

The Labour run W.B.C. say one thing and have come out showing support for Peel Hall, then the same Councillors approve the Borough Plan with unprecedented destruction of the same green belt and green space. This does not make sense? Sites for housing such as Fiddlers Ferry have not even been included within the housing plan yet they continue to say they are fighting off Satnam developers at the Peel Hall development. Our Conservative Borough Councillor Kath Buckley voted AGAINST this awful local plan. I’ve always been clear about saving our green spaces and have a plan that will see new homes built on brown field as well as utilising existing housing stock. You can rely upon my support to do whatever I can to stop this development and others similar developments that have an impact on everyone’s quality of life, the environment and even the air we breathe in North Warrington.

I will be attending a meeting at The Cinnamon Brow Club on the 6th December at 7:30 and look forward to meeting you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!


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