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Wendy elected as first female chair for Warrington Conservatives

Wendy, who almost ousted Labour in Warrington North in the December General Election, has been appointed chairman of Warrington Conservatives.

Wendy Maisey has succeeded long-serving Paul Campbell. She was appointed at the annual meeting of Warrington Conservative Federation – which governs both Warrington South and Warrington North.

Wendy Maisey said:

To be able to announce my appointment on International Women’s day is a bonus. I’m delighted to be elected as Warrington Conservatives’ first woman chair.   As a party we don’t have all women shortlists – we believe in the best person for the job. A unanimous vote from our membership has given me the mandate to take Warrington Conservative Federation forward, building on the incredible work done over the past few years by Paul Campbell, our outgoing chairman.

Mr Campbell said:

“Wendy is just what the Federation needs to take it forward and build on our success at the Polls in the December ’19 General Election. She brings invaluable business experience, innovative ideas and has a passion to get things done.”


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