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Wendy demands MP to come clean on COVID discussions

WENDY MAISEY OBE, the Chairman of Warrington Conservatives, is asking Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols (Lab) to come clean on recent COVID discussions.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday 13th Oct Ms Nichols said that there was “absolutely none” of the “promised engagement.”

The Labour Leader of Warrington Borough Council Cllr Russ Bowden recounted a different version of events in his COVID broadcast on Wednesday evening. Contrary to Ms Nichols stamements, Mr Bowden explained that there had been “important engagement” with the Government last week and at the weekend. According to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority website and the Warrington Borough Council website, Cllr Bowden sits as an Associate Member of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

The video above highlights the conflicting statements that were made.

Wendy Maisey OBE stated:

It is time for Ms Nichols to stop playing games and come clean with her constituents and the House of Commons. We simply can’t have a situation where the MP is saying one thing and the Leader of the Council another on an important issue like COVID to score political points. Now is the time for everyone to pull together.
The Leader of the Council confirmed engagement with the Government, yet the MP said that there had been none of the promised engagement.
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