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Warrington needs a new hospital and more GPs

Securing a new hospital for Warrington, north of the Manchester Ship Canal, is one of the key priorities for Warrington North Parliamentary Candidate, Wendy Maisey.

Wendy urges residents to back her campaign and lobby Government to invest in 21st century healthcare facilities for the town. Wendy says that many of the facilities on Lovely Lane can't cope with the level of demand; "I've seen for myself the incredible work done by health professional and support staff, but they need more space and better facilities. Warrington has a growing and ageing population and we need to update our health provision. I'm asking residents to support our petition."

The Government has already announced funding for major upgrades at 20 hospitals, following a cash boost of £850 million in July and Wendy says she'll champion the needs of Warrington North to secure the funding needed; "The NHS is always there for us, free at the point of need and is not for sale. Having personally used the NHS, along with members of my family, I will always protect this precious service. I want to see front line services in Warrington given the cash they need."

Wendy also believes we need to increase the number of GPs employed in the area to reduce waiting times for appointments. "The NHS are training more Doctors and nurses and I was really pleased to read in our manifesto that Boris Johnson guarantees an additional 50,000 more nurses, and 50 million more GP appointments under a Conservative government. I want to see them recruited to practices throughout Warrington North , so that local people can be seen more quickly."


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