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Wendy Selected as Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate For Warrington North

Wendy Maisey has been selected as a the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Warrington North.

“I’m delighted at being selected as your Conservative candidate for Warrington North. As someone who has lived in the Warrington area for over 30 years and raised my family here, I know the issues that matter to people here”.

Wendy has said she wants to help ensure the region is a success after Brexit, bringing in investment and capitalising upon the opportunities which leaving the EU will create. If elected, she would fight to ensure Warrington enjoys the benefits a national strong economy creates such as low unemployment and seeing increased investment in the region.

“These are all issues which matter to residents here and ones which if elected as the next Conservative MP for Warrington North I will be able to fight for in Westminster. Our region has been let down by Labour for too long and it’s now time for change.”

Wendy said she would also work hard to reduce crime and as the next Conservative MP would be best placed to lobby the Conservative government to ensure Warrington North gets proper educational funding for schools, further education and to see more apprenticeships become available

“I want to see a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods, solutions to solve traffic congestion in the town centre and more affordable housing built on brownfield sites, while protecting our valuable green belt”.


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