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Campaign Summary : People want to see strong leadership and for democracy to be respected

With the Election less than a week away, here is a look back at some of the photos and key views held by people discovered during Wendy's campaigning.

The feedback has been hugely positive and the key message cutting through is that people want to see strong leadership and for democracy to be respected. That's why so many are either switching or lending their votes to Boris and I next Thursday. Please use your vote wisely on Thursday, so that we can end the chaos that Parliament has been in for the last 3 years

Residents have been so lovely, showing support and recognising things I've done for our community over the years, with lots of best wishes for next week!

Support from candidate Police & Crime Commissioner John Dwyer. My six point plan for WARRINGTON NORTH includes tackling anti-social behaviour & crime with extra policing , technology & engaging with the youth as I do with my charity work and encouraging them to volunteer.

We had a warm reception from all residents we spoke with, including an ex Mayor of Warrington, who will not be voting for Labour for the first time in their voting lives!

The response has been phenomenal today. No one is falling for the crazy Labour pledges - not even life-long loyalists.

There is a really strong and positive message coming from voters - they want change from 20+ years of failure and let down.

🗣 "You’ve got our vote Wendy and majority of us in our social club."

🗣 "Labour have let us down big time in WN by voting against Brexit."

🗣 "We can’t risk a Corbyn government and we’re definitely not voting for a London candidate."

Great reception on door steps this afternoon get Brexit done and move on to our fantastic plans for our country. Lots of pledges from first time Conservatives voters who just want Brexit done and know only Conservatives can do it!


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