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Why is Wendy a great candidate?


Born just over 10 miles away from Warrington in Liverpool, Wendy moved to the Warrington area 30 years ago where she has raised three daughters and is very proud to be living, working and creating employment in Warrington. She understands the needs and empathises with many of the local issues faced in Warrington, especially around HS2 route, social and medical provision, affordable housing, greenbelt protection, increased volume of traffic and campaigns rigorously on these and many more issues. She is very well connected and respected by other business leaders, dignitaries, charities and by the local community.

As a Founder Patron, donor and hands on supporter of Warrington Youth Club, has proudly been able to change the lives and bring opportunities to the youth of Warrington, particularly those who are most underprivileged in Warrington.


Wendy would confidently represent all constituents in surgery and in Parliamentary debating and engaging with Ministers on their behalf, without prejudice.  She has the ability to stay collected and bring calm to others to defuse situations. A good problem solver and communicator she confidently engages and earns the trust of people regardless of their background.

A people's person who can diversify easily and make appropriate conversation with everyone she meets to and not afraid to put her views forward, especially when campaigning new initiatives for vulnerable or underprivileged youngsters. Speaks confidently on the doorsteps both in affluent and in the most deprived areas when canvassing for the Party and genuinely cares deeply about people and the issues they face.  Based on significant experience involving a whole spectrum of different activities, is able to exercise due diligence to carefully assess situations and to suggest appropriate courses of actions.

I have seen first hand Wendy’s ability to communicate and engage. She is a fantastic ambassador for Warrington and has been bringing employment and wealth to the area for over 22 years. She is known throughout the community for her charity work and contribution to local life. Wendy has come up through Conservative grass roots and is an asset to the party.

Emma McClarkin Conservative  MEP East Midlands 2009 - 2019


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